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Case Studies

We're often asked questions like "How many hours will this take?" or "What kind of score improvement can I expect?" Our philosophy is deeply rooted in individualized prep, so the short answer is that every student is different. Here are a series of case studies from different test prep programs that sample the work we do.
act case study 7_edited.jpg

ACT Case Study

7.5 hours of tutoring, 1 official test

After only 7.5 hours of tutoring, mostly over spring break, this sophomore was able to surpass their goal score when they sat for the April ACT. They can now focus on extracurriculars and schoolwork to round out a compelling college application to top schools.

ul isee case study 15_edited_edited.jpg

UL ISEE Case Study

15.5 hours of tutoring, 1 official test

After studying with another company, this student took the official test in June after 7th grade and scored well, but the scores weren't competitive enough for the top NYC independent schools. After fewer than 16 hours working with Kate, this student took the test in November and received top scores across the board. They'll be starting 9th grade at their top choice school in the fall.


SAT Case Study

14 hours, 2 official tests

This former SHSAT student—who got into Stuyvesant—returned to us for SAT prep in August before their junior year. They took the October and November SATs, spending a total of 14 hours in tutoring sessions (and doing plenty of homework and practice tests to ensure mastery). Their hard work paid off and they ended up with a superscore of 1570, ensuring a strong score to send to top colleges and universities.


UL ISEE Case Study

15.75 hours, 2 official tests

This student started Upper Level ISEE prep on the later side after realizing a few months into eighth grade that they didn't want to stay at their current school for ninth. After 15.75 of fairly intensive prep with Kate—during the course of which it became apparent that the student needed accommodations and we helped the family secure them—they were able to significantly raise their scores, gaining admission to their dream high school.

ACT Case Study_edited.jpg

ACT Case Study

30 hours, 2 official tests

Impressive results from dedicated ACT prep! After 30 hours of tutoring and two official tests, this student saw incredible improvements in all sections. We worked around their schedule, including pausing for fall athletics, because we believe testing is just one part of a well-rounded college application. 

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